WWE Smackdown Results (6-4) – Smackdown Tag Team Championship – Rey and Dominik Mysterio (c) stole the Usos to retain their championships



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Hello and welcome to the WWE Smackdown results!

It should be an interesting night with two championships up for grabs, so let’s get ready for some action!

Roman Reigns started the show by stepping into the ring with Paul Heyman by his side.

He laughed at a refrain from “Roman Sucks!” sings over the PA system and then said he had always been very direct about how he felt and was not happy last Friday.

After Heyman’s advice and a week to think about it, he changed his mind about Uso’s tag team championship opportunity. He’s a donor and made it happen.

He then called Jimmy Uso for saying they were going to win, and said he better win. He then asked his sage (Heyman) to bring him his cousins.

Jimmy and Jey Uso walked out as their music played.

Jey showed Reigns respect, and Reigns told Jimmy it’s his job to recognize him, and Jimmy said he did it at the last HIAC and tonight it’s about the championships by team and family pride.

Jey seemed to side with his brother and Reigns wished them luck. Jimmy called the shot like he does, but he gets the job done.

He reminded them that their whole family watched this and brought him the tag titles when it was done.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship – Rey and Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. The Usos

Jimmy and Dominik started, and after Jimmy hit a shoulder block Dominik hit a dropkick and arm drag.

Rey walked in and Dominik Power bombed him on Jimmy.

Jey scored and they hit a double elbow for a pin attempt and a backbreaker for another pin attempt.

Rey scissored his leg, and Jey lifted Rey up in the rope for Jimmy to hang him for a pin attempt.

Jimmy choked Rey on the bottom rope and Jey hit with a low kick, then hit and they double stomped on Rey.

Rey slipped to the ground and Jey followed and dropped Rey on the barricade before throwing him into the ring.

Rey knocked Jey off the apron and knocked Jimmy out of the fight with head scissors. Rey tried a sliding splash but Jey grabbed it and Samoan dropped it on the announcers table as we walked over to the ad.

Dominik is still lucky

Returning from the publicity, they returned to the ring and Jey stomped and suffocated Rey in their corner. Jimmy hit an ax handle on the top rope as Jey held Rey on his knee for a pin attempt.

Rey fought freely and sent Jey around the corner with a drop-footing, but Jimmy scored and blocked the tag. Jey walked in and hit a plunging head butt on Rey.

Jimmy missed a splash attempt and Rey managed to break free by kicking Jimmy as Jey flew under him and into the ring post.

Dominik hit both Usos with a splash on the top rope and hit Jey with a crossbody from the top rope for a pin attempt, and hit a daredevil on Jimmy.

Dominik hit a DDT tornado but Jimmy was kicked out. Jimmy caught Dominik on the third string, and Jey scored him and they hit a double Samoan Drop team for a near fall.

Dominik dodged a double superkick and pulled the rope down to send them to the ground.

After hitting Rey with a superkick Dominik had a chance but Jimmy hit a superkick on his 619 attempt.

Dominik got down on his knees to counter Jimmy’s Uso Splash and rolled Jimmy for the win. Jimmy lifted his shoulder but the ref was on the other side and didn’t see him. Totally stolen.

Reigns was not happy and told Heyman to bring them to him and the WWE Smackdown results can’t wait to see how it will work.

Jimmy told him his shoulder was up but Reigns didn’t want to hear it because they lost to a child and tore them up because of their failure.

He added that the only thing that mattered to him was that they still had time on the show to correct this mistake. He wants this fixed tonight.

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