Dangerous Tekkers wins IWGP Team Championship



TO Grand Slam wrestling, Dangerous Tekkers won the IWGP Tag Team Championship for the third time by beating Tetsuya Naito and SANADA. Tai chi and Zack Saber Jr. had lost the championship to Summer Struggle two weeks ago, so winning them back so quickly must make them feel good. The victory came when Saber Jr. pinned Naito out of nowhere to shock everyone after nearly 40 minutes of action.

The dangerous Tekkers are hoping for a more successful race this time around as their second reign only lasted 40 days before dropping them to Naito and SANADA. Their first reign, which ended in Kingdom Wrestling 15 earlier this year, lasted 176 days. The victory came as a shock as Naito and SANADA had held the titles for such a short time.

After the game, Naito and SANADA almost staged a rematch like the Dangerous Tekkers did when they lost the titles, but the team from Hirooki goto and YOSHI-HASHI also came out to make it clear that they also want the next one. Time will tell if he gets the first crack on the new champions.

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