Araraquara June 7th 2006


To all IARU Contest Participants Lottery and Prizes

The WRTC2006 Contest will take place as a part of the IARU contest, giving you an opportunity to work many Brazilian Stations. The results of the WRTC2006 Contest must be ready within 35 hours after the IARU Contest, we therefore need as many IARU logs as possible and as soon as possible to verify the logs of the WRTC2006 Competitors. 


All IARU Logs received direct to or via until we cut-off the reception of the IARU logs at the WRTC2006 Headquarters some time late Sunday/ early Monday (UTC) will participate in a lottery where there are 2 equal prizes: Each prize will be, free stay, maximum 4 days, for two (2) persons, it includes accommodation, food and transport to and from the airport, city tours will also be arranged. Both of the two persons do not need to be Hams, one can very well be a wife or girlfriend. The stay will be at one of the contest stations in southern Brazil, most likely one of the MN MS stations. 

All IARU Logs received within 6 hours after the contest (before 09 July 2006, 18:00 UTC) will in addition to participate in the lottery, also be entitled to receive the following prizes. Note that the lottery has no minimum requirement of contacted WRTC2006 Stations. 

Class 1: Prize: Plaque, Certificate and T-shirt. Requirement: To work all 47 WRTC2006 Stations on both modes (CW and SSB) independently of band. 

Class 2: Prize: Certificate and T-Shirt. Requirement: To work all 47 WRTC2006 Stations independently of mode and band. 

Class 3: Prize: Certificate. Requirement: To work 25 different WRTC2006 Stations independently of mode and band.

To make it possible for us to mail you the prizes, please make sure to include a valid Post Mailing address in your electronic Cabrillo - log submittal. The logs sent to, shall follow the same requirements as logs sent to Note that all logs sent to IARU will automatically be transferred to WRTC2006 but logs sent to WRTC2006 will not be transferred to IARU. This has been done to give you the opportunity to send your log immediately to WRTC2006 but have a closer look at it before you send it to IARU.

The following WRTC 2006 stations are included: All calls PT5A PT5Z and PW5A PW5Z. 
The 8 MN MS stations with other prefixes and the HQ stations ZW2HQ are not included.

You will automatically participate in the draw and be entitled to the prizes; the only requirement is that your log is submitted within the time limits stated above. Your Log will automatically be checked against the WRTC2006 Logs. Only correct valid contacts will count.

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